There are still honest people!!!

People who travel between Donkinavalasa and Rayagada in Vijayawada Passenger must be familiar with this old lady (70-75 years) – “Sanyasamma” who sells peanuts. She has a physically challenged daughter who cannot walk for which she needs to struggle at this age for their living.

She needed a financial help to buy raw material in bulk to reduce her costs and increase her margins. We offered her Rs 1000/= to buy two bags of raw materials. Next day she returns Rs 500/= and says one bag of raw peanuts are sufficient.

She is afraid that if she dies without repaying, she needs to take a re-birth to repay the amount!!! She feels that she can handle Rs 500/= credit only. When we suggested that she can keep the amount as gratis, she questions why she should? – because she is able to feed herself and her daughter today.

We salute her.Collapse this post

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