7 Facts about India…


Everyone likes to crib and complain about the sorry state of affairs in our country. However here are a few facts that will surely ignite that patriotism that comes out on only 2 days of the year, Republic and Independence Day.

1. After the US and Japan, India is the only country that makes supercomputers. Yes, we have the mind, the tools and the will to make super computers. Its entirely a different story as to how these are used. Think about it, it still takes Mumbai University 3 months to mail a print out of the new exam mark sheet after a re-evaluation. The computers are not as good as the ones made by USA or Japan, but who cares! They offer tremendous research potential and give us an edge in today tech-’no’ world.

2. India is the worlds largest Milk producer. (and I’m sure Punjab is the worlds largest milk consumer!! One glass of lassi equals about 3 litres of milk plus the butter and malai. but no complaints there, for those who’ve tried it, its pure heaven!) Even with the lack of cultivated grazing fields, we produce more milk than any other nation. Our milk production is almost 30% more than the closest country, USA.

3. India has never invaded any country in its 100,000 year history. It is the most non-violent and uninterested country in the world. The only wars fought have been when foreigners have tried to invade us. We have never started a war or been the first ones to act in all these years. Anyone remember that Amul macho Advert? The guy in the train adjusts to accommodate another person even though there is hardly place to breathe. Inherently we are like that. And we should be proud of it. We welcome everyone with open arms. Be it the Mughals or the British or the Portuguese. We have a billion people scraping through life, whats a few more, right?

4. India built the first sanitation system and the first toilet at Harappa and Mohenjo daro (and then stopped building them at all!) It was so intricately built and well planned that it is still being emulated in countries across the world. They used natural phenomenon like the slope of area and every house had a separate room for bathing and relieving oneself. The water was then collected in closed drains that lined the outer walls of the city. It was carried out to dumping grounds far away from the main city. So the next time you take a piss out in the open, spare a thought for our ancestors. Im sure they must be watching down in revulsion at our sorry state!

5. India is the only country in the world to have a Bill of Rights for COWS! Cows are the care takers of our gods, they have a heavy cultural background. Krishna was a cowherd, cows were ancient symbols of wealth and prosperity. In the Mahabharata, we have Bhishma saying: “Cows represent sacrifice. Without them, there can be no sacrifice…Cows are guileless in their behavior and from them flow sacrifices…and milk and curds and butter. Hence cows are sacred…” So remember, the next time you hit one of these ‘guys’ or honk at them to get off the street, they might just sue you.
Mera Bharat MOO-han?

6. Indian Railways is the world single largest employer. They employ over 1.5 million people. (imagine their office parties and get togethers must be like!!) On a daily basis, they cater to over 35million people. The railway station with the longest name is Sri Venkatanarasimharajuvariapeta in Tamil Nadu. Travel to and from the station is free if you can spell the name or say it in one breath. The shortest station name is Ib in Orissa.

7. It is illegal to take the Indian currency out of the country. Strange as it is, this rule still exists. A person is not allowed to take Indian currency Notes and Coins out of the country. If done so, the person loses legal right over it. It becomes the property of the Indian Government. Some one explain this to the Sharad Pawars and Hassan Alis with the zillions in Swiss banks!


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