Facebook: facts and figures

Facebook has said it will be valued at up to $96bn (£59bn) when it sells shares to investors this month in a record-breaking flotation. Here are some facts and figures about the company.

• Facebook has more than 900m active users. If the company were a country, it would be the third largest in the world after China (population: 1.34bn) and India (population: 1.17bn)

• With 157m members, the US has the most Facebook users, followed by India with 45.9m, Brazil with 45.3m, Indonesia with 42.4m and Mexico with 32.9m (source: socialbakers.com)

• Facebook is the most popular social network in every country of the world, with the exceptions of China, Japan, Poland, Russia, South Korea and Vietnam (source: comScore)

• In April, Facebook announced a billion-dollar deal to buy the startup behind wildly popular smartphone photo sharing application Instagram, its biggest acquisition to date.

• Chris Hughes, one of Facebook’s four co-founders, served as director of online organizing for Barack Obama’s successful 2008 presidential campaign

• Facebook says it had an average of 526m daily active users in March 2012, an increase of 41pc from a year ago. It had registered 125bn “friend connections” as of March 31 and 3.2bn “likes” and comments

• More than 300m photos are uploaded to Facebook per day and more than 488m active users access Facebook using mobile devices

• The Social Network, the 2010 film about the origins of Facebook, won four Golden Globes – including for best picture and best director – but flopped at the Oscars, walking away with only awards for best adapted screenplay, original score and film editing

• Facebook, which currently employs some 3,500 people, has announced plans to hire “thousands” more over the next year.

Thanks To : telegraph.co.uk

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